After the Funeral

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Our relationship doesn't end at the funeral

Following the funeral there will be a few matters to attend to. This could include placing an acknowledgement notice in a newspaper, sending thank you cards, or arranging the burial/scattering of ashes.

There is always someone at the end of the phone who can help you with all these items.

After the Funeral - More Information

  • At this point the family will also need to think about personal actions to be taken.
  • For example, returning of driving licenses, amendments to insurance policies including the insuring of empty properties, advising utility companies of the person’s death and the locating of the will, if there is one.
  • A free service called Settld can help with these matters. Visit the Settld website here >
  • If you require further assistance with legal matters we work closely with Russell and Russell Solicitors who can offer professional guidance with all types of legal matters.
  • We can also arrange for fingerprint jewellery, but please ask your Funeral Director to take the necessary prints before the funeral.


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