Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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About Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Some people like to leave a note of their wishes with relatives, whilst others choose to Pre-paid their funeral. To ensure your money is held safely and securely we recommend taking a Plan out with an official Funeral Plan Provider.

Click on the icons below for further information or to order a brochure. The Plan Providers recommended ensure that all of our fees are covered and that an allowance towards third parties is made at the time of need.

We are happy to help you complete the necessary paperwork and answer any questions you may have.

Open Prepaid Funerals Plans

A Prepaid funeral is the simplest, most caring and most practical way to remove the financial and emotional worry and responsibility that funeral arrangements can bring.

Funeral plan prices are fixed at today’s costs - meaning you will be protected against future rises in funeral director costs. Also, by taking out an Open Prepaid Funeral Plan, you can rest assured that all your funeral director services will be paid for in full, regardless of any interim rise in the cost of your funeral director fees.

Golden Charter Prepaid Funeral Plans

Arranging the funeral of a loved one leads us to consider our own wishes and by taking out a pre-paid funeral plan you can remove some of the stress involved when your family suffer a bereavement.

We offer Golden Charter Funeral Plans where it is possible to pay for your funeral in advance. You can also pre-arrange your funeral with our members of staff. This allows you to decide some or all the aspects of your funeral, leaving the family fewer decisions to make when the time comes.