When a Death Occurs

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When a death occurs, it can be a very daunting time for loved ones. Let the professional and caring directors at Howarth’s Funeral Service, in Bolton and Farnworth, take care of all the funeral arrangements to make things a little less stressful at this difficult time.


At Home: If the death was expected ring the Doctor, who will attend to certify the death. It may also be appropriate to contact a minister and/or the District Nurses to attend to remove medical equipment. Once the doctor has attended please phone us and we will attend as quickly as possible. Your loved one will be taken to our Astley Bridge Chapel, whilst the arrangements are finalised. If the death was unexpected it may be necessary to move the deceased to the local hospital. When the Paramedics and Police attend they will arrange for the Coroner’s team to transport the person to the hospital mortuary. Discussions will take place in the following days between the doctor and the coroner. A post-mortem may be requested.

If a death occurs at a Nursing Home or Hospice the staff will normally contact us to arrange for us to attend. Again, we are unable to bring the deceased to our chapel until the doctor has attended.

If a death occurs in hospital the deceased will be taken to the mortuary. We cannot bring the deceased to our chapel until the relevant documentation has been issued.

If a death occurs abroad the family will be guided by the authorities there. Please contact our office for further advice and also the travel insurance company who will liaise with us in the case of repatriation. Our staff can be contacted 24 hours a day to assist in any way they can.


Registering the death

This usually takes places at the registry office in the town where the death occurred. It may also be possible to register at the local hospital – our staff can advise further. Please note that in some instances it may not be necessary to register the death before the funeral, for example when an inquest will take place.

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